WEDDING GUEST - Duo Styled Ankara Fabric Peplum Dress

 Hi guys!! As you all know from my previous posts :)  I love Ankara fabric!  I have about 15 fabrics in my wardrobe not sown lol.  So any chance I get to go to a wedding or any occasion I feel like wearing ankara fabric to - I try to get them sown for the event.

  So today!!! I am going to a wedding with my Mum,  the bride is my Aunty  friend's daughter.. so Basically it is a family wedding LOL!

 Yay this is the first wedding I'm going to in 2014! Whoop Whoop :D  & I have uploaded videos from this wedding !Check them out on the 'videos' section :)

    Here is a story, so I wanted to get the Aso Ebi ( the fabric guests wear to an African wedding) but it was too late for me to get it. I'm always last minute  *coversface* So I said to myself I can always get ankara sown lol.. Yhh I decided to mix two fabrics together. I bought these two fabrics about two years ago!They have been in my wardrobe for that long!!

  So I gave both fabrics to my amazing tailor!! I told her I wanted a peplum dress and she did a fab job as usual.

  My tailor was pleased with my choice of fabrics, she said 'you have a good eye for fabric' :) . Here is a picture of the two fabrics I gave to her....


     I told my tailor to use one of the fabric for the upper part  and the other fabric for the peplum part and the bottom of the dress.. the end product looked great!

Also, I'm sure you guys are wondering 'what happened to Elizabeth's hair'. Basically I did the big chop in August 2013! I have been so shy to show it in public lol.. so 11 months later here it is.. I sincerely love the look on me, I just need to start treating my natural hair properly because I have literally abandoned it since when I cut it last year. What do you guys think? does it suit me ? :)

... But!! *drumroll* I did not go to the wedding looking like this haha I ended up wearing a wig made by my sister :)...  Ladies you can check out her facebook page

  I'm using a belt above the beginning of the peplum; so that the gold and the black chain details will put more attention on the peplum style :)

                                                   CUSTOM MADE - DRESS

                                       -  SHOES

                                                        TOPSHOP - BELT

                                                      CLAIRE'S- EARRINGS

                                                      TOPSHOP - BRACELETS

 Thank you dolls xx

oooo my pic has been uploaded on Bellanaija website! I absolutely love this wedding page!!

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