October 2014
                                           BIRTHDAY LOOKS!

Look 1 - 8/10

    I used alot of foundation!! (covers face). To be honest this was not intentional, when I was applying the makeup the lighting in my room was quite poor I only realised my makeup was too much when I was taking pictures! And it was too late to take it off and apply another one.

  Lipstick Used:

    L'Oreal Color Riche ... Shade - LIYA'S PURE RED

Look 2 - 24/10

     Minimum amount of foundation used... And due to the fact I was rushing, I was unable to take enough selfies to show you guys my look.. These are the only pictures on my phone. :/

                                              Lipgloss - Sleek- Shade (Sweet Sixteen)

Look 3 - 25/10

    I'm going for a very simple look :)


   Lipstick - L'oreal - Color Richie - Eva's Nude ( Pic in previous post)

Eyelash Used

Hair Used- Mongolian Kinky Curl
Made By: @julz_hb (Instagram)

Thank You!!

Friday, 17 October 2014

                                                    LIGHT NUDISH PINK LIPSTICK

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

                                                   RED LIPSTICKS!!!!

      Hi Ladies!! I just went to Superdrug and I saw these new L'Oreal lipstick collections!! And I immediately fell in love with them lol, despite the fact I'm not really a red lipstick person; I'm more into pinks! I bought four different shades of this new lipsticks.

Here are pics of the four different shades of the lipsticks :) Thank me later ;)

Sunday, 28 September 2014


Honestly, this was a very rushed makeup.... but the end result looked fab ;) I'm putting on foundation, eyeliner,concealer, eyebrow pencil, lip gloss & lip liner. xx

Saturday, 13 September 2014

                                            WEDDING GUEST MAKEUP LOOKS

Church Ceremony

      I went for a simple makeup- the nudish pinky lipstick complements my skin so well! 

Wedding Reception

I mixed M.A.C (Up the Amp) lipstick with a pink lipgloss to achieve this lip colour

                     Simple Makeup- No excessive colours to avoid distraction lol

Saturday, 6 September 2014


  I like this look, not a lot of makeup used- just a minimum amount of foundation,eyebrow pencil and eyelashes! Also,   I'm not wearing eyeliner but still looks good!!

Saturday, 16 August 2014
                                                          SIMPLE MAKEUP

     Heyy dolls! How is your weekend going?
  This is a very simple makeup look! When my outfit involves a lot of colours I love to keep my makeup simple... :)

Friday, 1 August 2014

                                                      MY MAKEUP BRUSHES!! 

        I just want to share with you ladies the makeup brushes I use! I bought these 'real techniques' brand brushes back in January 2014 when I learnt how to apply full makeup appropriately lol.
  I do not know much about makeup brushes but from what I have been using the quality feels great! I have washed these brushes  4 times so far.

                                                 All these brushes above cost £104.91

They are a little bit expensive but they are sooo worth it. I purchased mine from Superdrug store.
They are also available in Boots store and :)

 These brushes and the orange sponge are not part of the set; they are sold individually.

    The picture above are brushes and sponge I bought earlier today lol.. Just to keep safe just incase my other ones go missing. *coversface*  :)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

                                                        MAC - RUBY WOO
      Hi guys! :)  It is actually my second time ever using this lipstick(MAC RUBY ROO). I personally do not like the matte feel! It is just too dry for me lol

Saturday, 28 June 2014
                                                        FAVOURITE LIP GLOSS

  I have been using this SLEEK lipgloss for over 6years!! It is the only brand and shade of lipgloss I use!!.
I am the type of person that sticks to one product that is good for me! I pray the SLEEK company never stops making them!! to be honest I will actually be upset if they did!! That is why I buy about 20 at once! So that it can last me for a very long time! lol.

  I  use this lipgloss as a top layer on any pink lipstick I use :)

  **Drum Roll** Lol!!
                           My favourite lipgloss in the whole world can be purchased here!!


I'm busy taking pics while my Sis is busy sorting out my hair lol!

Ladies check out her page

Thanks Guys! xxx

Saturday, 21 June 2014

                                            REVIEW- MUA VELVET( LIP LACQUER )

      Hey dolls,  Just thought I should share my review about this MUA lip product. Few weeks ago a friend of mine was talking about this product to me saying they were great because she knew someone who used it. Ok, we both went to Superdrug store to get the red shade named 'reckless' but unfortunately these products are always out of stock because of the high demand from customers.
     This afternoon I randomly went to superdrug in Manchester and yay! I found them!!

Ladies, they can also be purchased online :    :)

I tried on the kooky shade :)

 I think they are too sticky for me lol, So I mixed it with my Sleek lipgloss and I used a lipliner aswell.

     Unfortunately, I dont like this look lol; the lip colour and hairstyle made me look way older. What do you think?  and to be honest I just thought I should try something different lol, because I'm always using pink lip colour and once in a while I use red. Oh well there is no sin in trying :D

    When I try on the other lip colours I will share them with you guys later. :) Have a great day xxx

Friday,20 June 2014

                                                MY  MAKEUP LOOK 

     Heyy dolls, I want to share this look with you! Oh goodness it took me over an hour to achieve this makeup.... LMAO! because I'm not a pro and I wanted to get it on point! :D.

   I achieved this lip colour using Rimmel London lipstick and  lipliner from Body shop :)

  Have a great day :) xx

Friday, 13 June 2014

   This section is to share with you my skincare regime, favourite products, makeup and hair care. Like I said in my 'About me' section; I love beautiful makeup and hair, but you should always remember that 'beauty is skin deep'  :)

Stay tuned dolls x