• Elizabeth Akerele
  • Nigerian
  • Lives in Manchester, UK
  • Biggest inspiration - My dear Mother!
  • Beauty Lover! I love beautiful make-up and hair
  • Fashionista!! I love looking good! & I adore everything fashion related, I will love to be a stylist, Fashion designer and an Entrepreneur in the future. Anyway God knows best!

  • Blog created 20th of May 2014
   My blog will be an insight of my wardrobe lol, I dress how I feel and blogging is a way of showing my personality through style! This blog is to portray things related to fashion&beauty, how I style my outfits, fashion tips. Since I love shopping and obsessed in taking pictures every time I go out Lol... My blog will be the perfect fashion diary!! :)   Lastly. I will share skin care products and make-up I use because this is actually the main questions I get alot. So I am more than happy to share them here and please feel free to ask me anything I have missed to share with you guys :). 

 Please remember what works well for me is not 100% guarantee it will work for you! we are different oo...   

   So join me on my blogging journey ladies! Be inspired!  

  • Online Store - 9th of July 2015
Website - www.teascloset.com


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