Happy new month everyone!!! It seems like it was just yesterday we were all saying happy new year!!!! Hope you are all having a good Sunday??

This is a quick OOTD!! As you all know how much I love two piece outfit!! When I saw this two piece outfit about a month ago; I fell in love with the uniqueness! I went shopping with a friend one afternoon and she said we should just check out what PRIMARK had in store. I literally loved this outfit when I picked up the skirt and top. She said' Seriously!you want to buy that? the fabric is weird'' I said 'yh it is different, and you will see how good it will look when I dress up.' She just smiled while shaking her head.

I showed the same friend these pictures earlier today, I asked her if she remembered the outfit.... she said no. When I recalled her memory about the outfit, she was surprised and she said 'Oh wow, you look nice in it! it is different and quite quirky' I just smiled.

So ladies the moral of the story is that you should dare to wear anything you like no matter what anyone says! you never know how good it will turn out to. :)

 I try to wear flared outfits once in a while instead of bodycon outfits lol :)

What do you think of the outfit???

Lovely braids done by Julzhairandbeauty ; julz_hb (Instagram)

Just one more!  Lol
            PRIMARK - CROP TOP & SKIRT


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