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Saturday, 21 June 2014
                                                          Simply Cool
 It was a casual afternoon & my Cousin asked to me pick out an outfit for her; she was going bowling with her friends. And as usual  I said 'cool no problem, I will love to' :) . Here are pics of the outfit!

TOPSHOP - Earrings

CLAIRE'S-     Necklace

SELECT - Shirt

ASOS- Black Crop Top

SELECT-Mid High Waisted Jeans

NIKE(JD Sports)  - Trainers

Friday, 20 June 2014
                                                         Ankara Chic

 This is another outfit I will definitely wear :) -  I love ankara fabric, I'm sure I said that in one of my old posts lol! If it is possible for me to wear ankara fabric everyday I will!!  
   I think this style looks quite vintage and classy at the same time; it can be worn to a wedding, parties, ball, or any formal occasion :)
  As you can see I styled this outfit with a pair of black sandals with gold details while matching it with a gold purse and simple detailed earrings. 

 Oh yh, please do not ask where this dress is from lol because it really bugs me when people comment on ankara fabric styles asking where they are from . I'm like are you for real? You can simply buy an ankara fabric, if you are lucky you can even find the exact print and show this style to your tailor/seamstress and bravo you have a similar style to what you want. Simple!! lol . 

Have a great day dolls and  please free to leave any comments! :) Thanks guys xx

Thursday, 19 June 2014
                                                                    Work Flow

    This fuchsia colour dress is so cute, Kim Kardashian  wore similar style.

   I  styled this dress with a pair of black sandals and a white handbag! which will be the way I will definitely rock this dress.
  This pretty dress :
  Shoes :
Handbag :
Earrings :
Wristwatch :

  Yes, they are expensive lol.. But you can definitely find similar dress in high street stores :)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

   My fashion tips/styling  are what I would recommend for anyone if they ask... or what I will personally wear myself .    BE INSPIRED! ;)
 Please feel free to leave any comments! :) Thanks guys xx

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