Hi guys, just a quick OOTE (Outfit of the Evening lol)

     I'm running late to a friend's surprise for his Sister! and later going to a barbecue event with my friend. lol I'm always late to everywhere I go to!! :/

Anyway, here are pictures of my outfit- I want to keep it classy and simple at the same time :)
  This is my very first time wearing a skirt like this!and first time wearing a printed blouse/shirt. Oh well! there is no sin in trying something different? :) . I kept asking my sister and friend repeatedly if this skirt looked good on me LOL! I am trying to reduce wearing bodycon outfits all the time! Apparently 'I wear them alot', I wear them because I feel comfortable in them; I feel bigger in flared outfits.

I actually like this skirt, they are so feminine, girly, classy and comfortable!!  I now want them in different colours lol!

  I personally prefer my outfit without the necklace.. :)

                                               H&M - BLOUSE

                                               H&M - BELT

                                              H&M - SKIRT

                                             HERMES - HANDBAG

                                             TOPSHOP - NECKLACE

                                             RIVER ISLAND - SHOES

Exact Skirt :  http://www.hm.com/gb/product/23088?article=23088-A#article=23088-A

Similar shoes can be found here : http://www.office.co.uk/view/product/office_catalog/2,37/1797800371040

Thank you!! feel free to leave any comments :) xxx


  1. Lol yes change is good...so used to seeing you in bodycon outfits but the skirt looks good too (sophisticated) How long ago did you get those shoes?? and what lipstick are you wearing please? :) X

    1. lol!! I know right *covers face*! I bought them during April -Easter Period & the lipstick is MAC Ruby Woo :)!! Thank you Sheila!!! xxxx

  2. Okay thanks for the info, i might invest in that lipstick one day ;) it looks good :) X