Helloo Ladies!! How is your weekend going?? I bought this black dress in 2011 and this skirt was bought in 2012 and I have never worn them out. I just found them in my closet.

I never really liked this turtled neck dress at first, but it is coming really handy tonight because the weather is quite cold.

 There is noo way I will wear this short bodycon fitted dress out, just my personal preference unless  the dress is flared like my previous post.

  Ladies fashion is fun!! Explore your closet- You never know what you will find. :)

  So I decided to wear this midi skirt on the mini dress! and it looked fab- it made my full outfit looking more classy :)

                                                   DRESS - BOOHOO

                                                  SKIRT - SHOUT

                                                 PURSE - NEW LOOK

                                               SANDALS -  RIVER ISLAND