Heyy Guys, just a quick post! I'm in ZARA at the moment ..... And this AMAZING! OUTFIT caught my eyes. Why? lol because lace is my favourite material and the outfit are in my favourite colours!

OMG! Guys I just love the fabric :D  I'm going to purchase one soon :)
This shade of blue is just too perfect because the colour goes with any skin tone honestly! I have seen it on different races and it is just perfect! x

They also come in white!!! :D !

:O :O Simply Beautiful!!
What do you guys think? How will you style it?

I will style the blue dress with a pair of white sandals! They will look so cute and perfect together :)

LOL! people are looking at me weirdly at the moment!  .... This is what I do lol.. I mix and match outfits when I'm in a store; if it isnt done visibly I coordinate them in my head lol sometimes I even help customers to decide what to get. :)

Have a great day guys! xx

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