I wore this 'OLEKU' style to a Nigerian 50th birthday party in 2012. I really love the fabric and I didnt want it to go to waste lol. I turned the wrapper to a crop top. So yh last week, I styled the crop top with a pair of white high waisted jeans :)

June 2014-

  Heyyy Guys! Just a quick OOTN from last Friday!! I LOVE Ankara fabric simply because they can be sown into absolutely any style you want, some of the fabric are rare which makes it one of a kind because not everyone has them :D... also the richness in the colours are just amazing!! If it is possible to wear ankara fabric everyday... I WILL!! lol

The colours on this fabric are so cute so I made sure I did not go over the top with the overall outfit lol. And it was important not to use excess jewellery. :)

High Waisted Jeans - TOPSHOP

The fabric is just fab!! the stretchy texture is just gorgeous!!

Shoes- Jasper Conran brand- DEBENHAMS
I love these shoes because this shade of blue is one of my favourite colour :)....  And the shoe helped to keep the outfit simple and a lil bit classy lol :).
You cannot really see the shoes in the full outfit because they are the same colour as the carpet :O .. But here are clearer pictures below :)


I love this clutch because it is big and perfect enough to fit EVERYTHING in.. lol I was even able to keep my sandals inside :p .
I decided to use a red clutch because it brought out the red on the fabric. :)

Thanks Guys!! <3 xxx


  1. I'm so proud to say I know this sweet potato :) ! "Beautiful" is understatement :*