WEDDING GUEST- Chic Style & Ankara Fabric Long Dress


   'This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!'

  Good day everyone!! Today I am attending  a wedding and I will be wearing two outfits! One for the church ceremony and the other for the reception!

OUTFIT 1 - Church Ceremony

  First of all!! I got a hair fascinator custom made, I picked the colour and designs I wanted and the end product looked faboulous! It was made within three days. I love it so much.

  Ladies do not hesitate in messaging me for more details if you are interested in the unique custom made hair fascinator.

I love the back details of this dress!

                                            CUSTOM MADE - HAIR FASCINATOR
                                                         PRIMARK - SHOES & PURSE

                                                            OASIS -DRESS

OUTFIT 2- Reception

     I will be wearing an African beaded necklace with my lovely Ankara print dress! I love this handmade beaded necklace! they are beautiful.
Ladies message me for more details. I sell them and they come in various colours and styles! They are suitable for all occasions! :)

  I saw these shoes few weeks ago and I knew it had to be mine! It was love at first sight :)

          Nigerians are party animals and our fabrics speak our dialect

   I sketched the style I wanted and gave it to my tailor; When the cloth was ready & I went for fitting; I did not like it because the slit was not where I wanted it to start from, I was sulking*coversface*. Then I told my tailor to attach elastic into the mid area which will create more effect and the slit will be higher. The end result looked great! My tailor said 'every mistake is a show' I slightly like that phrase lol :)

                                                   CUSTOM MADE - DRESS -   HEELS

                                                   NEW LOOK - PURSE


My pictures has been uploaded on BellaNaija website! I Love this page! Ladies check out their website for inspirations!!

 Thank you!! 


  1. Everything looks great! I love the necklace of look two!
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