Happyyy Easter Sunday Everyone!! Wishing you all a blissful sunday!

This ankara fabric skirt will soon be available for you guys to order!! ( It comes in different colours and sizes :)
The one I am wearing today was made for me as a sample! I sketched out the style and chose the fabric and I left it in the hands of a tailor.

Unfortunately I had a lil bit of wardrobe malfunction :( Clearly obvious I had put on weight lol when I tried on the skirt the slit  ripped about 3 inches; that is why the slits look too long :( But oh well I had to wear it to church like that! I had no time to look for another outfit!

If I had a sewing machine! fixing the skirt wouldn't have been a problem! A sewing machine is on my to buy list!! I cant wait to learn how to sew! :)

Crotchet Braids By: @julz_hb (INSTAGRAM)  Facebook

                                                                H&M- SHIRT
                                                         NEW LOOK - PURSE

                                                               ZARA - SHOES

                                                       TOPSHOP - NECKLACE

                                                     CUSTOM MADE - SKIRT

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