Happy Sunday to you all!! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend :)

I remember buying this blazer about 3 years ago for £42... My sister still does not understand why I spent so much on a blazer. But I do not regret it, that was back when I was obsessed with blazers. I have over 25 blazers *coversface*

I was rushing earlier today, I am still trying to get use to the fact that I  have to get myself and my two month old baby ready lol.. I will plan to spend an hour and a half with him and probably an hour on myself... but before I know it I had spent over 2hours getting my baby ready..... that is why my makeup looks funny! I planned to have a beautiful eyeshadow but it came out looking awful LOL!!

                                               BLAZER - GLAMOROUS

                                         SIMILAR BLAZER - HERE & HERE

                                             SHOES - ZARA

                                           SIMILAR SHOES - HERE

                                          PANTS - ZARA

                                        VEST - NEW LOOK

Thanks! Have a great day ahead :)

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