Hello Guys!!! Just a quick post from earlier today :)

This outfit was arranged within less than 2minutes!! It usually takes me a day to plan ahead. I have put on so much weight so literally nothing much fits me at the moment. 

I was trying to pack my hair with this African print scarf as a turban! but it failed! Those who know me knows that i literally have no knowledge of hair! My little sister (@julz_hb :instagram) she is the one who makes and style my hair; literally every hair you see on my head was done by my lil Sis! I have just learnt how to straighten hair *covers face* Lol! but the turban ended up as a bow on my head lol!  *embarrased face* Still looks cute :)

I bought this cute denim crop top from Miss Selfridge two weeks ago for £20 - they were on sale.

Have a great weekend ahead!! Do not allow ANYONE to dim your shine ;) 

                                                               TOP - MISS SELFRIDGE

                                                        SIMILAR TOP - MISS SELFRIDGE

                                                           SKIRT - ZARA

                                                     SIMILAR SKIRT - NEW LOOK

                                                       SHOES - RIVER ISLAND

                                                               BAG - ZARA

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